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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 3, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> a developing story out of highland park tonight where a young family out of a suburban sidewalk was run down by a driver everyone there shaken one of the children hit by the car and later died. we are live tonight with elitists. the lexus coupe was towed away, blood on the sidewalk has been washed away and what is left tonight is overwhelming grief for this family who lost a five year-old girl family friends are telling us turn name is jack elite son chose this happened around 230 labor day afternoon in highland park a 25 year-old mother was walking with her three children who were on the sidewalk in the
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700 block of central avenue and that is when the lexus sports car plowed right into them police say an 18 year-old highland park resident was behind the wheel witnesses tell us that young woman appeared to be dazed and confused at the scene the mother was taken to highland park hospital in fair condition along with two sons aged two and four who are expected to be released but jacqueline was rushed to evanston hospital where she died. this was a day to enjoy with family. >> police say the 18 year-old driver was treated and released from the hospital, no charges filed as of yet as this investigation continues. >> this week it's the democrats'
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turn the convention in charlotte gets underway tomorrow. illinois leaders arrived over the weekend along with micah much hair. . it's been pretty rainy as you can see we are covering the dnc all week i don't know if you can hear me or not but we have a beautiful breakfast tent here that the photographers put up to keep us dry. it's almost like we have the temple florida hurricane rains that you guys are supposed to get out there last week. but gov. paquin showed a different side of himself to me, call in a fiery side if you will as we sat down one on one. i think the number one civil right is a right to a job. the best way to help most people is a job and that's what he is going to be
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talking about all week we are not going back to the policies that created the recession and the first place. it's teamwork, president barack obama came to the plant in the south side of chicago and that was after he rescued the auto industry chrysler for example when he became president had 200 jobs now has 4000 jobs the ford plant had one ship and now has three ships. but there are people who work outside of the auto industry what do we say to those people who still don't have jobs after four years? they have done an outstanding job and there's more work to be done by joining forces with the program we have to find jobs for the veterans and illinois and across
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america has more than exceeded their target and we have to keep on doing this for everybody. how much different will the dnc be that the rnc? >> last night it was all about fiction, making up things that had no relationship to fact. there's a lot of mudslinging towards the president this time it will be about truth i think president barack obama understands and believes in an optimistic positive message and he will lay out his record in what he wants to do in the second term and i think that will carry the day the people of our country do not want a negative approach to their government they want a president who is optimistic to fight hard for the truth to works every day on the job and understands home ported is to help every day families who live paycheck to paycheck. i've talked to the president over in over again since i have been governor. he summoned me to the
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white house to the oval office and we got a very positive conversation as you know it was a difficult time for our state. we have to predecessors in jail and we have to restore illinois to integrity to make sure we grow our economy and have education he has helped me and our entire country i think he's the man in this time that will lead us to better place. what are your thoughts on this labor day? >> i think every day should be labor day we should think about working people all the time they are the heart and soul of america, they're the people who volunteer for the military, who worked a job and raise a family and play by the rules so i think we have to have policies that advance the economy that's the most important issue in this campaign. and not far from here
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tonight in uptown the governor is feeling the anchor from the state's largest union of public service workers instead of picnics' this labor day here in charlotte the illinois democrat started out indoors at a breakfast hosted by the chicago federation of labor and a hotel that does not hire union workers. charlotte's work force was still on the clock at nightfall propping they started out early this labor day morning moving barriers and bustling for the city. democrats gather for their first delegate breakfast and a meeting sponsored by the chicago federation of labor this is a day when the rest of the country is taking a deep breath. we will keep working. we have families working so hard to try
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to get the economy moving again. obviously i would have picked a different city and a different state but they chose charlotte and we had to make a decision, do you not carmen, some of the internationals has chose to stay out of it. but others believe that charlotte is the perfect place to hold the party's national convention chicago is a big union town. i believe they should have spoken a long time ago.
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>> there is always hope we're always trying to convert we're like the catholic church. this is more we celebrate the efforts of unions all of the people that helped build our country even in states like north carolina that's why we are here on labor day. some democrats wondering why republicans are making unions out to be the bad guy. they have tried to make unions look like part of the problem instead of the solution. >> republicans understand that unionized labor is part of the democratic base. there also incidently a detrimental to the democratic party and ordinary working people and families and i think it's disgraceful. it wouldn't be a political convention without colorful bonds some more colorful than
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others this is what our producer found it reads slots and boats. she was selling them so fast she worried she would run out she said her message was inspired by rush limbaugh the conservative host who called a lost in a slot after she testified before congress about contraceptives. >> i guess that depends on how you define the word slut. >> how do you define it? >> using what rush limbaugh said i would say he defines it as a woman who wants a choice who doesn't want the government making her personal health decisions for her so that's why i wear it. she is giving these bugs out to democratic women she will not be keeping the money for herself.
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>> some chicagoans dressed in blue receiving a very warm welcome. this monday is all about having a good time. and they are democratic delegates in joining all that carolina has to offer the truth is everybody here is very polite and southern except these guys, they're just popular. they are famous around
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here. >> can you explain their appeal? >> i think it's because their foreign. they're here from all over chicago land, pam johnson a nurse came here on her own expense from the south shore not as a delicate but as a volunteer to bear witness to history. we have seen all kinds of people here. it brought back 2008 for me. as you know the more people you talk to the more you find and to find controversy over the presence of those chicago police officers lending a hand here in charlotte the chicago police department weighing in very quickly on that issue reminding us that charlotte police help chicago during the nato summit.
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a strong show of labor solidarity by the chicago teachers union. they continue with the possible strike, it set for next monday that is if this city and the teachers' union and not come to an agreement. mayor emanuel gave his views just after that rally quieted down.
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chicago teachers union president karen lewis preached at the daily plaza just a stone's throw from city hall and meier romijn emanuel. >> he's a liar. >> and a bully. the only way to be a bully is to stand up to a bully. >> i'm not looking for another five or another challenge. emanuel pointed to other union contract signs in the last week included with teachers at the city colleges, contracts he says will face the city with money it proposition that has sometimes been rejected calling for much more pay for a longer school day and a longer school year. we have to have a longer
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school day equal to what is happening around the country. nearly 800 mi. away the contract dispute september 10th fueled discussion at the democratic national convention. >> enough is enough. >> but with less than one week until the strike the negotiations that at least from the outside still seemed far from over. this fight is for the very soul of public education not only in chicago but everywhere. i think that if we focused on the mission and the education of our children and the inspiration to give education to our children we would solve the issues. >> seann card brizard also
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weighed in saying he would like an agreement that recognizes how teachers can work without reaching the school year. up next the first lady in charlotte giving it one of the most important speeches and her career. is he a glutton for punishment or what? walking hundreds or even thousands of miles with pastor corey brooks told us he is bringing back to chicago with him. it's really hard
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a busy day for the president starting on the campaign trail visiting ohio he stopped by the toledo area which is home to general motors and chrysler and jeep factory he then moved to new orleans. he is scheduled to finish his day by heading to the aegean sea in n.c. meanwhile first lady michelle obama is now in charlotte to speak at the democratic national convention. she walked through the time warner cable arena this afternoon where she walked on stage preparing for her speech tomorrow night. the gop's vice
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presidential nominee is focusing mostly on the economy. saying that romney would do more to get people back to work. celebrations of his life both private and public will be announced at a later date. coming up, the secret of the super cagers what makes their quality of life so great as they approach triple digits and what white house ofbrewers have been slipping into their trademark drinks.beers.
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in tonight's medical watch and they are called super ages, men and women in their eighties or older who have a remarkable memory. they also have something else in common. on thursdays down serves food to hungry at st. joseph's church in lincoln park. on wednesday as he reads to the blind and just about every day on his watch his curiosity keeps moving forward.
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>> i think that's good for me both physically and mentally because i am seeing a lot of things that attract my attention. >> blue win is a serious student of language. >> a little spanish a little german, in little italian and a lot of french. i love music. i think having a curiosity is important. >> this doctor is curious about what makes some people aged better than others. our thinking skills are normally getting a bit less challenged. she entered colleagues scant 300 people all 80 or older with a series of simple memory test to determine cognitive ability and only the top scorers were chosen to participate, then an mri to look at the structure of their brain
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and she discovered a common trait among all 12 participants, the brain scan on the right shows typical changes that come with age a loss of brain cells and a thinner outer cortex leads to memory problems and thinking problems, but this image on the left shows a super age your brain. there were no differences between a super major and a 15-60 year-old. this area is thicker in the super a ger. cannot see why they have healthier branson, it could be life style, diet or genetics but she is hoping to solve the mystery with more research. >> asay my life in my eighties is '80s but so was my life in my
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'70's and 60's. i'm able to do things that i did not think i would be able to do at this stage. if you would like to learn more about enrolling in the study check out our website. >> the longer the weekend the closer we get to apparently rain is on the way. the workweek starts with showers. pastor corey brooks walking across the country on a crusade. we w every load of laundry is worth about $200. really? one cap of downy protects $200 worth of clothes. prove it to me. ultra downy softeners protect fibers. there's no comparison. nice downy's pretty much saving our clothes. yeah, ultra downy saves loads.
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65 on labor day? if we get a 90 tomorrow and a 90 on thursday as we may we can tie the record for the most nineties here in chicago we may be record balance. he captured one of isaacs' rain chaffs yesterday. this went into marina and there is a beautiful sunset at apple canyon lake and diane captured
9:32 pm
the blue moon the second blue moon of the month last week. it's been a gorgeous day across the chicago area look at all of the mariners out there enjoying the weather. you can see in this time lapse we start with high towers but as the cooling of the night comes on these will collapse. we see these thunderstorms flare from time to time the next couple of days but a few of these rain elements may capture the area tonight as we push the remnants of isaac off to the east. here is where isaacs' big rains occur they occur from about 40 mi. south of
9:33 pm
chicago southward. kankakee had 2.34 in. and yet harley a drop from the city north and there was plenty of opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. a lovely war early september evening with these winds bringing some lake
9:34 pm
cooling. when you have the remnants of a hurricane you do not call off the way we do with most storms. we had mid-90s and the 90's at naperville with a 74 on the other hand. we may have a 91 at o'hare and a 90 on wednesday which could bring an isolated thunderstorm with gusty winds in the afternoon of wednesday there is a severe weather threat there are even he
9:35 pm
is visor is as you can see from the south year. this is for high winds up in southern alaska. that weather system will buckle the jet stream. we have near 90 during the day on wednesday that it will cool off a little bit on thursday. tomorrow an early
9:36 pm
shower, partly sunny hot and humid. hot and humid again with a good chance of storms and maybe some severe storms for wednesday. and then we cool off a little bit. an update from aldermen whose district is right around the lake front.
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>> the message to people who have given 35 years to win job is you are not going to be able
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to live the life style that you thought you were going to be able to live. they responded at when what they said last week when they showed that you cannot sit on the sidelines like madigan has in order to get anything accomplished. rooftop pastor corey brooks told us how his trek across america is going so far. folks walking from new york to l.a. and he is taking steps of faith to raise $50 million to the community center and so far he has raised over $200,000 pastor brooks tells us even though they have a long way to go pee is still encouraged by the people who are donating. we
9:42 pm
have to do something to help these kids kids are killing one another and taking each other's lives i believe the people have to keep believing. >> the reverence next big stop will be albuquerque new mexico and you condone it by going to project this time it's not about the word up and it is the beer the president drinks coming up if you didn't get an invite to the white house you can now brew your own beer. doing some major damage tonight against a twinkie.
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you expect to see the prices at the pump start to drop over the busy holiday weekend. hurricane isaac forced to shut down a refinery along the gulf coast last week, refiners are expected to be up and running soon. drivers should see a drop of 20¢ per gallon in the next month.
9:46 pm
naperville residents have been celebrating the labor day with their annual last spring events. today's festivities kick off with a parade featuring the usual cast of characters, veterans honor guards, local politicians looking for votes and high-school marching bands. the 23rd annual african festival of the arts brought african food music dancing and storytelling to washington park for the weekend, a vendor is lined up park selling historical artifacts, folk art and clothing made with unique african fabric. tom skilling says we are going up and down for the temperatures in the next seven days and more up in the short term. we are going down later in the week. we have had about 169 90's of the
9:47 pm
9800 90's we have altogether during that time period. a few more showers could pop up in the afternoon will cause scattered they are. there is a front coming through iowa in the morning wednesday. these could be severe or heavy early wednesday afternoon before drier air comes in. what's going on
9:48 pm
here is way up there on the corner of the screen it will buckle the jet in turn it in from canada which brings cool air down later in the week. appropriate timing here the first week in september our sunlight is about 70 percent as strong as it was back in june so we are already suffering the effects of autumn coming. here is an election promise delivered by the white house. beer lovers
9:49 pm
across the nation can now enjoy a couple of president obama as favorite to bruce his administration released two of the white house is homemade spears home growers across the country created an on-line petition at the white house is website and even filed a freedom of request the key ingredient in both recipes is honey from the white house beehives and you cannot look for the recipes on the white house website. the bears claim brian urlacher right on schedule and after a tough road trip, in return to the south side means a return to first place for the white sox. rich kingot sfilodour the sox are
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opening a 10 game home stand against arizona. he
9:53 pm
will go for a two run homer and the sox have the lead. beckham does it again. a base hit to left. >> you don't get the early ones, you came back and stay with it and gordon got one late, those are what you need. the cubs hit
9:54 pm
the road to dc in the opening series against the nash. they are now eight and 13. levy smith said tonight that the marcus webb would start a tackle against the colts on sunday.
9:55 pm
>> i am not sure we're going to win the miss america contest this year but i am not worried about it i'm just worried about when we are growing for some growing pains with some younger guys it was as bad of a deal as
9:56 pm
you can get and we found a way to get it done, move on. in nice effort into movedthat is going to do with for us this monday night. updates on our website where you could also find all of the dnc coverage this week. have a good night.
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